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AMC News Sees the Makeup, Not the Masks, of Halloween 2

There’s only one job I can think of where saying “that looks awful” or “I’m going to puke” is a compliment: makeup effects on a horror movie.

And that’s exactly what happened last Friday night when I walked into the trailer of Wayne Toth, the lead makeup effects designer on Halloween 2, and Bart Mixon, his assistant. We were still on location in Covington, GA where Rob Zombie (see our video interview) is filming the sequel to his 2007 remake of John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween. And while I had also had a chance to speak to Tyler Mane (see our other video interview) who plays Michael Myers, we didn’t get to see the famous serial killer masks. Evidently they’re a bit different this time around and it’s top secret.

There where photos on the walls of some of the makeup designs, and the effects ranged from nasty to nastier, including a life-size dummy — hidden under a garbage bag — that was supposed to have gone through the windshield of a car. To see my talk with the guys who make the magic happen and learn how they do it (and to see a special interruption of our interview by Scout Taylor-Compton who plays Laurie Strode in the movie), watch this video.

To read more about my visit to the Halloween 2 set in real-time, check out AMC News on Twitter.

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