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The Newsdesk 04.24.09 – Washington and Scott Are Unstoppable; Machete: The Movie

• Denzel Washington is in talks to reteam with Tony Scott for Unstoppable. This would mark the actor’s fifth collaboration with Scott, which has produced everything from the hit Crimson Tide to the serious miss Man On Fire.

Robert Rodriguez will co-direct a Machete movie based off the fake trailer in Grindhouse. The busy filmmaker will also be rebooting the Predator franchise, and eventually get a star vehicle for paramour Rose McGowan off the ground.

• Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the latest actor to join Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Plot details are under wraps, but we do know that it’s a “scifi thriller set in the architecture of the mind.” Under anyone else’s watch this could be a disaster, but Nolan will make it work.

• Pedro Almodovar will adapt his film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown for the Fox television network. Look for it feature high levels of sass and copious product placement.

• The first seven minutes of Rian Johnson’s The Brothers Bloom has debuted online. Rachel Weisz, Adrien Brody, and Mark Ruffalo star.

• British filmmaker Ken Annakin (The Battle of the Bulge) has passed away. A close friend of George Lucas, the classic action director’s last name was the inspiration for Anakin Skywalker of Star Wars fame.

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