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The Newsdesk 04.16.09 – Little Shop Reopens; Woody vs. American Apparel, Round 2

New footage from Inglourious Basterds debuted during Quentin Tarantino’s appearance on American Idol. Why is Mike Myers in this? And why is he wearing heavy makeup?

• The first trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, starring adult film star Sasha Grey, popped up online. This time next year will it be, “Sasha Grey, Oscar winner?”

• Cameron Crowe will direct a documentary about the rock band Pearl Jam. Nice way of returning the favor for their role as Matt Dillon’s backup band in Singles.

• Cameron Bright and Oscar nominee Graham Greene (Dancing with Wolves) are joining the cast of New Moon.

• The legal battle between American Apparel and Woody Allen is getting ugly with the attorney for the clothing store planning to bring in the messy Allen/Farrow divorce.

• Experts predict that a low turnout for Russell Crowe’s State of Play could potentially bode ill for smart adult dramas at the multiplex.

• Roger Corman’s cult horror classic Little Shop of Horrors is being remade. Unless Steve Martin plays a singing dentist, it just won’t be the same.

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