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The Babes of Batman – So Sexy, You’ll Reveal Your Secret Identity

For a grim avenger of the night, Batman does alright with the ladies. Perhaps it’s his cool toys or his leather suit. Perhaps it’s his damaged psyche. (Some ladies just want a man to fix.) Whatever it is, they all want to get close, and sometimes Batman drops his guard long enough to let them in on his big secret.

Of course, those who do learn that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same usually don’t last very long: There’s a near James Bond-ian trail of lovely ladies in the Batmobile’s wake. Unlike those squares Clark Kent and Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne prefers to love-em-and-leave-em. Take a look at our salute to the many babes of Batman. See who got access to the Batcave, and who Alfred escorted to the door the next morning.


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