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Short and Tweet – AMC Filmcritic Reviews (in Brief) for April 17

Want a quick lowdown on this week’s releases? Check out these Twitter-length reviews from the AMC Filmcritic site.

17 Again  4-star-rating.gif
A summer surprise: Despite the recycled plot (old guy goes back in time), it’s surprisingly mature.
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State of Play  3-star-rating.gif
Too many writers lose the plot in this routine potboiler that puts Affleck and Crowe in D.C.
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The Golden Boys  1-5-star-rating.gif
Three old codgers try to entice a young woman/nurse in this bizarre piece of fluff.
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Is Anybody There?  2-star-rating.gif
This again? Angry old man finds love in his heart thanks to plucky kid. Ugh: Nobody’s there.
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Every Little Step  3-5-star-rating.gif
This lovely look at the revival of “A Chorus Line” shows that life truly does imitate art.
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Lemon Tree  2-star-rating.gif
The Israel-Palestine conflict writ small (and trite), with the spat brewing over a lemon orchard.
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Oblivion  2-5-star-rating.gif
Documentarian Heddy Honigmann examines daily life for the poor of Peru. (Hint: It stinks!)
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