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Q&A – Your Greatest Fear Winner D. Ryan Reeb (His Winning Video Airs on AMC Tonight)

Just like other contenders in AMC Fearfest video contest last year, D. Ryan Reeb’s short film Trash Night depicts his greatest fear. But is it taking out the garbage or encountering zombies? Whatever it is, his short charmed guest judge / horror auteur Rob Zombie enough to win the grand prize: $4000. Reeb speaks to about his reaction to the big news, the highlights of making Trash Night and his plans for the future. His short will air tonight on AMC during the Fear Friday broadcast of Return to House on Haunted Hill at 11PM.

Q: What were you doing when you got the news that you’d won?

A: I was on my lunch break from work with my fiance and felt my phone vibrate. I almost choked on my lunch.

Q: Which entry — besides your own — was your favorite?

A: I felt that everyone who shot a video for this contest did a wonderful job… I must admit, I especially enjoyed the Ice Cream Man video.

Q: What was the most memorable moment in making your short?

A: One of the most frightening moments was from a scene we had to cut to make the time limit. My friend Keith Blum (who played the Green Goblin fish man) had a really cool shot crawling out of the water. Nobody could tell from the video, but the water was roughly 30 degrees… He was a champ, wanting to do more takes from different angles. He nearly froze helping us and we are truly grateful.

Q: What’s next in your movie career?

I have a couple other short film concepts I have been wanting to film. Me and the people who helped write Trash Night are involved in writing multiple feature length horror-related film scripts. One work in progress that we hope to bring to life is a “zombedy” titled Kill, Zombie, Kill!

Q: What do you plan to do with the $4,000 that you’ve won?

A: I plan on reimbursing everybody who spent their own money on the short and then throwing a wrap party. Everyone involved worked so hard, and this wouldn’t have happened without them. Whatever money is left will go into financing the next short we have written.

Watch Trash Night when it plays tonight during the 11PM | 10C airing of Return to House on Haunted Hill.

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