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Opening Night – Fast, Furious and Friendship

At the world premiere for the latest Fast & Furious movie, Vin Diesel says the franchise is really distinguished by its exploration of friendship. We found that surprising as we had always thought it was the cars, action and girls. Well, he acknowledges in this clip, those are “at the forefront” of the movies’ appeal. Joining him on the red carpet, Breaking Bad’s Cesar Garcia (Gonzo) compares his character in the movie to his role on the AMC series.

Also at the premiere with actor-producer Vin Diesel was his co-star Bai Ling who sees the success of the action franchise as being inextricably linked to the fact that it’s all about “nice cars, nice action and all these handsome guys and sexy women.” For this latest edition, however, the director admits he’s gone old school a la Bullitt, the classic Steve McQueen flick famed for its car chases. 

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