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Daily Scan for 04.30.09 – Rodriguez Talks Predators, Ridley Ponders Aliens


• To commemorate the 100th episode of Lost, SciFi Wire lists 14 scifi television milestones.

• According to Fox chairman Tom Rotham, Ridley Scott is toying with the idea of helming an Alien prequel.

• Robert Rodriguez talks a bit about his plans for Predators.

Bioware puts their foot in their mouth claiming that there is no homosexuality in the Star Wars universe, and then apologizes.

• Kevin Smith’s rantings about the time he almost helmed a Superman reboot are always hilarious. Superman does need a gay robot sidekick.

• Herewith, a primer to J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek easter eggs.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: Custom gods of science fiction.

Torque Control looks at the art of Penguin science-fiction covers.

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