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Daily Scan for 04.14.09 – Egyptians Explain Lost Monster, Sarah Connor Is Terminated

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• It looks like The Sarah Connor Chronicles is dead. It’s so weird to think that a show based on Terminator could fail, but then again, Fox hates scifi.

• The Tron 2 guy looks a little flabby in his off-the-set costume. eliminated a lot of gay-oriented science fiction from the site recently. The situation reeks of some lower manager making a stupid unilateral decision. But everyone’s going bazonkers.

• The early reviews of Star Trek keep on rolling in, and they continue to be very flattering.

Popular Mechanics explains the Lost smoke monster using ancient Egyptian myth!

• For the frisky spring fever scifi lover, a gallery of strange science fiction slash. You’re welcome!

Seven ways to end a popular scifi show. Is it even possible to end one that satisfies everyone?

io9 points out that the Tripods on the cover of the War of the Worlds rock opera look a lot like iPods. Yeah, I guess they do.

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