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Daily Scan for 04.13.09 – Raimi Promises Evil Dead 4, Bioshock 2 Is Teased

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• Sam Raimi says hold your horses over Spider-Man 5 rumors but at least promises an Evil Dead 4… some day.

• The title of the next Doctor Who special, “The Waters of Mars,” translates in anagram form to “War of the Masters”.

• To shoot a Replicant: Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner pistol is on auction in Hollywood.

• Skittering Big Sisters and some excellent subaqueous dystopianism is on display in gameplay footage for Bioshock 2. Squee!

• Another great magazine folds: Starlog will cease print publication and focus solely on its website.

Gizmodo offers us a time travel cheat sheet. Don’t ever make out with grandma.

io9 offers up an excellent list of scifi temporal loops, including a few of my Star Trek faves.

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