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Daily Scan for 04.10.09 – Venom Spins Off Spider-man, Howard Wants Green Lantern


• If you’re the type that drools over new poster art, here’s a theatrical hanging for Terminator Salvation.

• Yes, Sony’s still serious about a Venom spin-off movie. And here we thought Topher would have scared them off for good. Sigh.

• Ex-War Machine Terrence Howard thinks he’ll be the Green Lantern. With Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) knocking at the door, I somehow doubt it.

• Utterly depressing: Dave Arneson, the other creator of Dungeons and Dragons, has died at 61. Thanks for the wonderful childhood, Dave!

• Of course there’s a band named The Browncoats. And of course they do a cover of “The Man They Call Jayne.”

• A man installs an LED light into his artificial eye — just one of the few home-brew cyborg projects we’re seeing these days.

• Can’t get enough Star Trek teaser clips? Watch Spock get all up in Kirk’s face.

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