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Daily Scan for 04.09.09 – The Phantom Is Unmasked, Caprica Script Is Revealed


SciFi Wire shows us a sneak peek of the costume for the new Phantom. Sigh. If it isn’t purple tights and a domino mask, it’s not the Phantom, guys.

• Sony will be adapting one of my favorite PS2 games for the PS2, Shadows of the Colossus, into a feature film.

• As Star Trek’s release date creeps closer and closer, we’re starting to see more and more preview clips. This one between Kirk and Uhura is mildly steamy.

Caprica is looking worse and worse: The shooting script posits that you could fit 3,333 human consciousnesses onto the hard drive of a single iPod.

• Gary Oldman might bring his seething thespian animalism to the cast of Iron Man 2.

SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: The forgotten books of science fiction and fantasy.

Geekend tells us what book Isaac Asimov wrote specifically to right another author’s scientific mistake. Good old Izzy.

• Crazy cool picture: The hand of god, grasping a galaxy in space.

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