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Daily Scan for 04.03.09 – Wolverine Is Leaked, Men in Black 3 Is a Go


• A print of X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaks online, and though it was an unfinished version, a lot of the early buzz isn’t good.

• Slashfilm has an early report of Neil Blomkamp’s feature-length spiritual follow-up to Alive in Joburg, the alien-prejudice flick District 9.

SciFi Wire wishes they could unread the biography of Superman creator Jerry Schuster‘s time working on bondage porn comics.

Sony wants to do a Men in Black 3, but can they get uber-blockbuster-megastar Will Smith back? And if not, who cares?

• Two men enter, one man leaves: Bruce Lee vs. Iron Man boasts some really great stop-motion animation.

Life, The Universe, and SciFi list three scifi ideas that need a TV series.

The New York Times writes a fantastic piece examining science fiction in the 1950s.

• io9 makes a salient point: Battlestar Galactica never needed to be set in space.

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