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Daily Scan for 04.01.09 – Whiteboard Explains Terminator, Trek Gets Hustled


• This is not safe for work, unless you happen to work in Hustler’s offices: Fleshbot has the scoop on the U.S.S. Enterprise’s pornographic stand-ins.

• A new mind-bending whiteboard diagram explains the Terminator franchise’s entire time travel history.

• Here’s a depressing piece of news: Angel’s Lorne, Andy Hallett, died of heart failure over the weekend.

• Comedienne and physicist Lucy Porter explains the theory of time travel. Then she actually builds a time machine and experiences the intricacies of time paradoxes.

• SF Signal interviews science fiction songster John Anealio, who writes songs based on Philip K. Dick stories.

• Contrariwise has a collection of swank, scifi literature-inspired tattoos.

• Jay Tornio talks about her love/hate relationship with Star Wars.

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