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At the Observe and Report Premiere, It’s All About Bees and Broken Noses

Just when you think movie premieres couldn’t get any weirder.

As you may have noticed if you follow my AMC News Twitter updates, Monday evening, our set-up at the premiere of Seth Rogen’s Observe and Report was delayed quite some time by a swarm of bees! All of the video-based media — including CNN and E! — that were right on top of the swarm, had to be relocated on the red carpet pushing our position even a bit further down the line. Have no fear, though. Your trusty AMC News team got to spend some quality time with just about everyone in the film, including Rogen, Anna Faris, Ray Liotta and writer-director Jody Hill.

Also at the premiere, Rogen and I talked about how he teamed up with us at AMC News to bring down his Twitter impostors. For that interview, click here. To see how we broke the story wide open, watch our original interview with Seth Rogen.


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