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The Newsdesk 03.11.09 – Devito’s “Insane” For Crazy Eddie; Will Arnold Appear In Terminator?

• Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is reluctant to appear in Terminator Salvation. Come on, Arnold! It’s not like you have a state to run or anything.

• Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino is looking to become the actor’s top-grossing movie at the international box office.

Danny Devito has acquired the rights to the life story of “Crazy Eddie”— the TV pitchman whose prices were so low, they were insane. Could a biopic of Matthew Lesko, the “free money” question mark suit guy, be next?

• Jon Favreau gave fans a first look at the Iron Man 2 set on Twitter. And you thought AMC News was the only Twitter feed worth following.

• Indiana Jones fans got a rare peak inside the making of the franchise when a 125-page transcript of the original story meeting that birthed Raiders of the Lost Ark was released.

• With audience reaction to Watchmen heavily mixed, some are speculating that the movie will experience a large box office drop-off and become the Fight Club
of superhero flicks. In other words: A very expensive cult movie that
the creepy guy who helps you out at Borders can’t stop talking about. 

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