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Opening Night – The Stars of Monsters Vs. Aliens Diverge on Crucial Issues

Seth Rogen thinks you should go see Monsters Vs. Aliens because it’s the kind of movie he would go see. His co-star Rainn Wilson figures it’s boring and you should probably go see the Nicolas Cage movie Knowing instead. But the real scoop here has nothing to do with movies at all: The Twitter account @realsethrogen turns out not to be so real after all.

After Twittering on the red carpet (snapshots included), AMC News Correspondent Jacob Soboroff finds out what co-directors Rob Letterman and Conrad Vernon did when Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg told them their movie was going to be 3-D after a year into filming. Here’s a big hint: It ends with “Yes sir.” The movie’s star-studded premiere also surfaced what might be the first case of severe poster envy for 2009.

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