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Join the Watchmen! Tomorrow’s Superhero Technology Is Available Today

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Could Watchmen walk among us today? If we’re talking about a costumed adventurer like Rorschach or Nite Owl, the answer is a resounding yes. Here are five innovations that can make you a real-life superman.

1. Designer bulletproof clothing by Miguel Caballero
Watch_Trench.jpgYou don’t have to wear tights to be a badass. Thanks to this Colombian designer you can dress like Rorschach and still be bulletproof. Try the trench coat, or fashion your own look. Some of Caballero’s designs even have a stab-proof lining. The downside — it’s not cheap. A polo shirt that can withstand a slug from a 9 mm revolver costs roughly $7,500 and a version that protects wearers from automatic weapons, including mini-Uzis, goes for roughly $9,800. Really, it’s a small price to pay if you’re serious about being a superhero (or living in Bogota).

2. The Deep Flight Super Falcon
Watch_Ship.jpgNite Owl uses his awesome owlship Archimedes to get around. Sadly, that’s not on the market. What is available, however, is the Deep Flight Super Falcon. Don some fake talons, call yourself the Maltese Man and get in your “super-sub” to disappear 1,500 feet below the ocean’s surface. This submersible that works like a fighter jet can stay underwater for up to five hours and travel at speeds up to 6 knots — much faster than submarines and yet still incredibly quiet. Falcon’s makers, Hawkes Ocean Technologies, could surely add some special features for the right price, maybe even get it to go from flying underwater straight to flying in the air. It starts at $1.3 million.

3. A Gecko Grip
Watch_Gecko.jpgRorschach uses a Grapple Gun to great effect. You should have one too. But, for stealth climbing what you really need is a pair of gloves made from a gecko-inspired adhesive that will, literally, help you stick to the wall. By combining vertically aligned nanotubes with curly spaghetti-like nanotubes, scientists have discovered they can mimic the magical ability of the creatures to climb straight up.

4. The SG5 Solar Mesh Wetsuit
Watch_Suit.jpgFor those that see the advantages of a tight fitting suit there’s this recent product from Billabong. Nite Owl knows you need a suit that looks good (his helped him get the girl), but also one that works in a variety of climates. Using the principle of a thermal solar panel, this suit harnesses the sun’s energy to heat water and will keep its wearer 30% warmer than any other nylon covered neoprene.

5. The Cavehouse
Watch_Cave.jpgGiven the drop in housing prices, now’s the perfect time to look for that special place your alter ego can call home. Check out The Cavehouse in Arizona, which is so sleek that Bruce Wayne himself would turn green with envy.

You’ll find that for those who are well financed in today’s world, being super isn’t nearly as difficult as deciding what to do with that superiority. Once you’ve got your gear, you’ll simply have to decide what to whisper when the world shouts, “Save us!”

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