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Daily Scan for 03.04.09 – Fox Terminates Sarah Connor, Scott Wolf Battles Reptiloids


• According to the Daily Mirror, Matt Smith will also inherit a re-designed TARDIS when he takes over the role of Doctor Who.

• It’s looking very likely that The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be canceled at the end of Season 2, so a finale is being written both as a close to the show and a back door into a possible third season.

• One of my favorite scifi horror movies, Re-Animator, is being optioned for a 3D remake with director Brian Yuzna on board as a producer.

• Scott Wolf of Party of Five fame will battle Reptiloid aliens in the ABC pilot reboot of V.

• Cookie Monster meets Alan Moore: C For Cookie.

• This R2D2 boombox is perfect for any breakdance battle on Earth or in a galaxy far, far away.

• Locus Online pays tribute to author Philip Jose Farmer by tracing his influence on the literary genre.

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