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Daily Scan for 03.27.09 – Spider-Man Smells, Howard Boards Lovecraft


• Screenwriter Eric Heisserer has been getting a lot of rewrite work lately, and now he’s been brought on to rewrite the remake of John Carpenter’s The Thing, originally penned by Ronald D. Moore. I’m guessing executives saw Battlestar Galactica’s finale and lost some hope.

• It’s not just SyFy: The Cartoon Network is changing its voice and doing a lot more live-action.

• You could already smell like Spock in heat, but now thanks to Marvel merchandising, you can get a whiff of Spider-man as well.

• Universal is doing a biography of H.P. Lovecraft called The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft, and they’ve gotten Ron Howard to consider directing it.

• Oh, good lord. Please say this isn’t actually the live-action G.I. Joe remake’s Cobra Commander.

Spider-Man 4‘s villain gallery is shaping up, and as expected Electro and Carnage are at the top of the list.

Star Trek screenwriters Alex Kurtzmann and Robert Orci claim that the new film will be a “sequel for fans, a remake for non-fans.”

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