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Daily Scan for 03.20.09 – Trekkies Take Command, Universal Develops Merman


The New York Times takes a long look at Trekkies who have reconstructed Captain Kirk’s iconic command chair for their living rooms and offices.

• SciFi Wire (or should that be SyFy Wire?) reviews the Watchmen direct-to-DVD spinoff, Tales of the Black Freighter.

• More on the Harlan Ellison / Paramount lawsuit: It looks like this actually may benefit numerous writers who have created much reused and non-reimbursed characters for the Trek franchise over the years.

• The greatest geek brew ever: Beer2D2.

• If this isn’t a herald of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is: Universal and Imagine are developing a Merman romantic comedy. Who, pray tell, could this possibly be for?

• SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: Taboo topics in scifi literature. I wish they’d asked me to contribute, because I have a good one: Making love to your own clone.

• Speaking of Mind Melds, the BBC hosts one of their own: Can scifi writers keep up with modern science?

• io9 writes up the puzzling, pretentious but still pretty fun-sounding Battlestar Galactica / United Nations “summit.” The truly hardcore can find the video and audio of it here.

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