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Daily Scan for 03.16.09 – UN Holds Battlestar Summit, Watchmen Sequels Are Pondered


• SciFi Wire lists five ways Watchmen could get a sequel. I actually like the idea of a movie based on the Nite Owl and Rorschach duo of the ’70s.

• io9 lists some science fiction writers’ craziest wagers. No surprise here that L. Ron Hubbard tops the list.

• For a scifi fan this is cool, but for a United Nations skeptic it’s more indication of the group’s worthlessness: The UN will hold a Battlestar Galactica summit to see what real-world leaders can learn from the show.

• One of my favorite Roger Corman pictures, X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes, is getting a remake. Let’s hope they reinstate the mythical last line: “I can still see!”

• A close call for astronauts aboard the International Space Station when a piece of space debris comes dangerously close to hitting them.

• A lot of Marvel’s unproduced comic book movies are being notched back.

Watchmen’s screenwriter David Hayter begs fans to see the movie again.

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