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Daily Scan for 03.11.09 – Orson Scott Card Pens Steampunk, Star Wars Show Gets Cast


• A Doctor Who Dalek is found submerged in a UK pond, which bodes ill: This is clearly a scout for the Invasion of Earth which lost its chronological bearings in the time stream.

• Orson Scott Card will do a series of young adult steampunk novels. In other words, he’s realized where all the money is in scifi literature right now.

New models of Star Trek‘s Enterprise show J.J. Abrams’ designs in a lot more detail than we’ve seen so far.

Knowing‘s Rose Byrne reveals that casting for the live-action Star Wars television series is already underway. Sigh.

• io9 lists a number of high-tech (and obviously fictional) gadgets that detect magic.

• The producers of Life on Mars talk about seeing the writing on the wall and opting to end the series properly, as opposed to praying for a last minute ratings reprieve.

• The sequel to one of my favorite science fiction video games, Bioshock, gets a captivating teaser site. But can the sequel possibly have the same emotional effect as the original?

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