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B-Movies Galore (And Not a Wacky Seinfeld Comedy in the Bunch)

Good news for lovers of all things old, exploitative, obscure, and shot on the way, way cheap! is pleased to announce the launch of a new section dedicated to that most singular and under-appreciated of art forms, the B-movie. And it won’t be just any fan-site: We’ll be sharing a slew of movies hand-picked from the archives that you’ll be able to watch from the comfort of your own home, free of charge. (Amen.)

Head on over to the site with over twenty movies to choose from, six of them horror flicks. Among them: War of the Colossal Beast (which inspired a 14-year-old John Carpenter to craft a sequel, Return of the Colossal Beasts, in 1962); the 1950 movie Corridors of Blood, in which Boris Karloff stars as a vapors-addicted doctor; and Del Tenney’s drive-in classic The Horror of Party Beach. John Waters would be proud.

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