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Horror Power Ranking – February 9, 2009

Friday the 13th continues to dominate the Horror Power Ranking this week, as excitement for the flick reaches a thunderous pitch… And that’s about all we’ve got. There’s some great news for Carpenter fans (by which we mean neither the band, nor the profession), and fans of Megan Fox’s body, but otherwise we’re in a bit of a horror lull while everyone gets out of the way of Jason’s slashing blade. Let’s get to the Horror Power Ranking:

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Horror Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie
1 1 friday13th0307-75x75.jpg Friday the 13th
Well, the publicity machine is there, and in spades. You can’t turn on the TV, walk outside, or talk to a horror fan without hearing something about Jason’s return. That keeps F13 in the number one spot; let’s just hope its quality holds it there.
2 carpenter-75x75.jpg The Ward
I don’t know if you remember when I called for John Carpenter to stop these remakes, and just return to the director’s chair? Well, best news of the week: He is, for this classic-sounding haunted asylum film, starring Amber Heard. Go, Carps!
3 2 DragMeToHell75x75.jpg Drag Me to Hell
Though it falls this week, nowhere are horror fans more excited for the latest Raimi outing than this very blog. There’s Todd Brown. Oh, and me. I’m sure Stacie and Grady will follow suit. Right guys? RIGHT?
4 jennifers-body-75x75.jpg Jennifer’s Body
You know it’s a slow news week when a picture of Megan Fox covered in blood is big news. Or, it shows how hungry people are for any items on this highly anticipated second movie from Diablo Cody. Yeah, let’s go with the latter.
5 3 underworld-rise-75x75.jpg Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
U:RotL falls two slots this week as it begins to fade in our hearts and minds. It wasn’t that great, I felt bad after seeing it, And yet… I’ll be first in line for the next sequel. Underworld is like the Hot Pockets of horror franchises.
6 8 thething-75x75.jpg The Thing
The Thing remake gets the patented “The Ward” bump. If interest in the Carpenter remake allowed the master to build buzz and develop an entirely new movie, then it gets my full support.
7 4 mybloodyvalentine3d-75x75.jpg My Bloody Valentine 3D
Seems like our friend the killer miner is in free-fall here… because he is. In just one short week, we’ll all (hopefully) be reminded how a real slasher acts when Friday the 13th hits, and no added dimension will make us return to the mine.
8 6 grace-75x75.jpg Grace
This drops two slots because I’ve heard nary a peep about it since last week. You’d think Anchor Bay would capitalize on the Sundance buzz ASAP, but I’m sure in our modern media cycle, that buzz will stick around forever. Cough.
9 nycc-75x75.jpg New York Comic-Con
Second biggest loser of the week was NYCC, which, I realize, is not a horror festival. Yet the traditionally horror-friendly Con shunned all scare content; except for some scantily clad nurses that were plugging something that was never clear.
10 shortcut-75x75.jpg The Shortcut
From the opening title card stating, “From Producer Adam Sandler,” to the laugh out loud hilarious final titles that seem straight out of a Grindhouse trailer, The Shortcut looks like the funniest movie of the year. What do you mean, “it’s horror?”
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