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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Round 2: Hermione Granger (No. 4) vs. Sean Crenshaw (No. 12)

She’s a schoolgirl, she’s a witch and she notched a Round 1 win over Donnie Darko. Who is she? She’s Hermione Granger, friend to Harry Potter and bringer of magical whoop-ass. She’s also the leading lady in one of the the world’s biggest movie franchises, so what will it take to stop her? Why, it would take a giant killer, someone like Sean Crenshaw of The Monster Squad.

Crenshaw found out that, yes, the Wolfman does have nards, and Crenshaw knocked those nards out of the park thanks for a Round 1 upset over Teen Wolf ‘s Scott Howard. The Michael J. Fox pedigree didn’t matter against the nard-knocking Crenshaw. Can the leader of the Monster Squad transfer his baddie-stomping skills from werewolves and apply them to witches?

Crenshaw, are you ready? Granger, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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