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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Semifinals: Harry Potter (No. 1) vs. Sean Crenshaw (No. 12)

Oh, what a delightful underdog run this kid has had. The name is Crenshaw. Sean, Crenshaw. Erstwhile leader of Teen Wolf . Crenshaw kept that momentum rolling, notching an absolute shocker of an upset by defeating No. 4 seed Hermione Granger (Harry Potter). He dusted that magical schoolgirl to take his place in the semifinals. Who could stop him now?

Hermione’s best friend, that’s who.

The No. 1 seed, the 800-pound gorilla in the supernatural teen world, Harry Potter himself. That’s who. Harry is none too happy about this upstart Crenshaw knocking his girl out of the tournament. After all, The Monster Squad was a one-off, little-known movie from 1987 that has grossed a whopping six million in the past 20 years. The Potter films, on the other hand, have grossed upwards of $4.5 billion. Potter topped River Tam (Serenity) in the opening round, then edged out Damien Thorn ( Omen II ) in the quarterfinals. Now, he faces Crenshaw.

Can Crenshaw’s wild ride carry him into the finals, or will Harry get some vengance for his girl (you did her wrong, Crenshaw!). Sean, are you ready? Harry, are you ready? For a trip to the championship match, let’s get it on!


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