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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Semifinals: Edward Cullen (No. 2) vs. Carrie White (No. 3)

Edward Cullen is a handsome, handsome dude. And if you’re read Twilight, you’re reminded of that about five times per page, on every page of the book. He charms the ladies, that’s fo ‘sho, but here’s one wee slip of a girl that just might be immune.

And in this corner, weighing in at about 100 pounds soaking wet in pig’s blood, we have Carrie White ( Carrie ). This legendary lil’ cupcake is just the kind of awkward, teenage girl that has pumped millions into the coffers of Twilight author Stephanie Meyers. (Or she was that kind of girl, before she went wacko with the mental powers and slaughtered everyone at the prom.)

But now there is more to this story than boy-kills-girl or girl-kills boy — we have the dust-up created by Carrie author, Stephen King, regarding the writing ability of Meyers.  These comments are largely harmless, just King’s take on the fact that you don’t always need to be skilled in the nuts-and-bolts of “good writing” in order to tell a story that entertains people, but they’ve created a bit of an online furor.

So, if you’re part of the ongoing Stephanie Meyers backlash, this is your chance to put a stake in the heart of her main character. And, if you’re one of the swooning masses pining away for an Edward to walk into your life, strike back at one of King’s classic characters, Carrie. Edward, are you ready? Carrie, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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