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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Round 2: Edward Cullen (No. 2) vs. David (No. 7)

Vampires have a long, storied history in horror… and the key word here is horror, as in, bad people who do bad things. You know, scary. Something has happened to our vampires in the past decade, something rather disturbing — the horror is gone! Replaced by romance! Vampires who don’t kill!

So here, Dear Reader, is your chance to cast your vote for the past or the present (I don’t really want to think of the future, the way things are going). In one corner, you have tradition — David from The Lost Boys . David is suave and handsome. Ladies want him and men want to be him — right up to the point where he tears out throats and bathes in human blood. And in the other corner, we’ve got Edward Cullen from Twilight. The leading man in the new category I’ve dubbed “Smoochie-Pants Vamps.” You know, the romantic undead with morals and what-not.

So it comes down to this — are you a traditionalist? Like your vampires evil and deadly? Or do you prefer the dreamboat vampire that passes you sweet notes in history class? David, are you ready? Edward, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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