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Dave Wellington – Fan Overboard! The Best and Most Bizarre Horror Movie Fansites

Millions of people will flock to a horror movie on its opening weekend, but it’s the true fans who will make it a classic. We all have that one movie we saw as kids (or maybe just last month) that made us feel like the whole world had changed. Some of us go on to create websites to cherish and preserve that feeling. A few of us — oh, happy few! — will end up taking it just a weensy bit too far. Here are the ones that raised our eyebrows.

For All Horror Fans
Some fans just love horror movies in general, like kandjhorrordotcom. He (they?) spent ten years collecting rare horror movies on VHS. Now he has so many of them he has a burning desire to share his collection with the world. Of course, there’s just one problem: YouTube videos can only be ten minutes long. How can he possibly show every title in his collection? To solve this problem he’s made dozens of videos. Watch and you’ll see him holding up each title — in no particular order — one at a time and offering a quick commentary on each.

It’s a testament to the world we live in that this was all done because YouTube users wanted to see it. They asked kandjhorror to make those videos. Really — some of these videos have thousands of hits. In the 21st century, even the superfans have devoted fanbases.

warwick.jpgFor Fans of Leprechaun and Warwick Davis
what about those of us who are more particular in our tastes? What if
there’s just one movie (and its sequels) that you can never watch too
many times, that you find yourself daydreaming about when you’re not
actually watching it? What if that film was Leprechaun, and you were the ultimate fan of Warwick Davis?

Green is the Warwick Davis superfan. Connie has been documenting
Davis’s career since at least 2000 and has written scholarly articles
of her own about the Leprechaun franchise. Somewhere out there, somebody needs to see the full text of the press kit for Leprechaun 2 ,
including all the personal appearances Mr. Davis (and a number of
look-alikes) made in the summer of 1994. Or maybe this future scholar
will need to know exactly what Leprechaun 2 promotional sticky notes looked like. That person will owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Connie’s Warwick Davis Fanpage and Leprechaun Center for its comprehensive cataloging.

For Fans of Night of the Demons (and Only Night of the Demons)
Of course, for true purists, one movie should always be enough. For instance, Night of the Demons Central,
“The Most Extensive site Dedicated to NOTD on the Net!” quite clearly
points out that no sequels will be discussed — after all, there is one
and only one Night of the Demons .
But if you want to know something — anything — about this one
particular flick, you’re in the right place. The site features
exclusive photos, character quizzes (coming soon), downloadable desktop
wallpaper and a message board. Heather Murphy, who started the site in
2000, sold the site to someone else in 2005 but because they weren’t
doing anything with it — and because she’s such a hardcore fan of NOTDshe kept updating it anyway.

For Twilight Superfans
The great thing about these
sites is that it’s clear the fans are having fun. It’s something to do
with their free time and it helps keep their cherished memories of
their favorite movies alive. But there’s another class of superfans out
there who take one particular movie very, very seriously. I’m speaking,
of course, about the fans of Twilight. (SPOILER ALERT: Some of the links below contain information you should not be exposed to if you intend to read the Twilight books or see the forthcoming movies.)

They call themselves Twilight Fangirls or TwiHards or Team
Edward (or Team Jacob). They belong to all age groups, all creeds and
races. They are united only by their true love of the books of
Stephanie Meyers and the movie franchise based on them. Some of them
take this love to extremes. For instance, there’s the 12-year-old girl
from New Brunswick, Canada, who talked her parents into a $3000 trip to Salt Lake City just so she could meet the famous Mormon author… and then couldn’t think of anything to say because she was too starstruck.


TwiHards of the Internet do things like make pages about every car that
appeared in the movie, and pictures of cars that will appear in the
sequels to yield projects like… The Cars of Twilight. Of course, as the page freely admits, these pictures were already posted on the official site — but in the world of Twilight, once is never enough.

The fans fill up half of Facebook now with their lists of why Edward Cullen is better than any real man, with titles like: “Why we love Edward, and we know is perfect :)”

…a post which suggests things like:

Normal Guy would say: “You hair looks like a haystack; go brush it!”
Edward Cullen would say: “Your hair looks like a haystack but I like it.”

…a post which drew three pages of comments.

The Twilight fans, having read all four books (multiple
times) and watched the movie (countless times) still aren’t satisfied.
This must be what drives them to write their own book-length fan
fictions continuing the story… and then to create and shoot book
trailers to help promote their book-length fan fiction, click here for one such example.

trailer got almost 29,000 hits. Did it leave you confused? Maybe you
should check out the comments in the sidebar on PoisonApple07’s YouTube
page. You may do so by clicking here — though I’ll warn you, if the video didn’t make any sense to you, the commentary is just going to give you a headache.


Though perhaps a headache is better than what you will feel after viewing… this. Which I’m going to link to purely in the interest of scientific curiosity.
But I’ll also warn you that you can go your entire life without ever
seeing what’s behind that link and you will only be the happier for it.
Seriously, don’t look. That thing is not a muppet.

David Wellington is a horror author whose latest book is Vampire Zero. He lives in New York City with his wife, Elisabeth and their dog Mary.

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