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Daily Scan for 02.26.09 – Abrams Eschews Trekkies, Whedon Disses DC


• J.J. Abrams says his Star Trek is not for Trekkies, but for a new generation of fans. That’s an ill-advised statement.

• The Times posts the first Watchmen review. They seem to like it.

• Former Wonder Woman scribe Joss Whedon explains why DC Comics movies don’t work. Basically, us humans have a hard time caring about Kryptonians, and Amazons, and ring-wielding aliens as our protagonists.

• Philip Jose Farmer, famed scifi novelist, passed away in his sleep this morning. This is shocking to me: I just read his Tarzan “biography” a week ago.

Battlestar Galactica writer Mark Verheiden — widely hailed as one of the most important talents on the series — is doing a new movie called Quatermain, which is depressingly not based on the BBC’s Alan Quatermain character.

• SF Signal hosts another mind meld: Who are your literary influences in the ongoing conversation about science fiction?

• The science of Watchmen, from Dr. Manhattan’s origins to Rorschach’s grappling gun.

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