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Daily Scan for 02.24.09 – Larson Plans BSG Flick, Zimbabwe Hoards Who


• Zack Snyder talks to SciFi Wire about Watchmen‘s ancillary stories like Tales of the Black Freighter, which he really wants you to watch as part of the finished film.

• Due to some strange legal agreement, Gary Larson might make a feature film of Battlestar Galactica based on the original series and not the remake. Watch now as Richard Hatch jumps for joy.

• The BBC is accusing Zimbabwe of hoarding many of the lost Doctor Who episodes missing from their archives.

• Sigourney Weaver says she’d come back as Ripley for another Alien movie provided the script was right.

Transformers 2 looks to blow stuff up real good.

• You will want to buy one of Dr. Grodbort’s fantastic ray guns.

Futurama‘s direct-to-DVD movies are selling so well that Fox may want to do more episodes for television.

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