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Daily Scan for 02.19.09 – Doctor Who Goes Audio, Star Trek Smells Like a Vulcan


• A fascinating point by a computer scientist: Any military robots will need to be programmed with a warrior’s code or some Asimovian laws, since there’s no way any one AI’s programming could be wholly understood by its programmers.

• Big Finish will be releasing an entire lost season of Doctor Who episodes in audio play form.

• SF Signal lists the 2009 books they’re most looking forward to. Charles Dickens obsessed with a creature named Drood? Sign me up!

Star Trek is getting its very own line of perfumes, with scents ranging from “Red Shirt” to “Pon Farr.” That means you can either reek of a Vulcan in heat or a security guard killed before the first commercial break.

• io9 lists five brain-manipulating technologies that prove Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse could exist right now.

• Vonda McIntyre talks about her experience writing Star Trek movels in the 1980s.

• Terry Pratchett is a British Knight of the Realm.

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