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Daily Scan for 02.18.09 – BSG Mimics Lost, Star Trek Beams Up Blu-Ray


• Joss Whedon hasn’t had the best luck with television recently, and it looks like it might be taking its toll: He’s now talking about going online only.

• Now that BSG is rapidly careening towards a conclusion, the storytelling is getting tighter — like Lost, in space. But not like Lost in Space, natch.

• And speaking of BSG, the series finale will be spread over two weeks and three hours.

• CBS and Paramount are bringing Star Trek to Blu-ray less than a year after they brought it to HD-DVD — and watched the format promptly die.

• Here are some cute Star Trek paper models to origami the afternoon away with.

• Elton John — yes, the Elton John — wants to produce yet another Jane Austen scifi spoof, Pride and Predator.

Star Trek conventions are at least good for the propagation of geekdom: Nine couples got engaged at the Star Trek Exhibition in Detroit last weekend.

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