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Daily Scan for 02.13.09 – Wachowski’s Remake Big Blue, Nolan Undertakes Inception


• The occasionally accurate Ain’t It Cool News reports that the Wachowski Brothers may sign on to reboot Superman as a trilogy. Of all the directors, and after Speed Racer no less!

• Christopher Nolan’s next picture for Warner Bros. won’t be a third Batmanit’ll be a scifi action flick called Inception.

• The 11th Doctor, Matthew Smith, has been signed for a three year stint on Doctor Who. More shocking is his pay: An annual salary of £200,000, which doesn’t sound too bad, but still seems paltry for such a seminal character.

• io9 previews the first three episodes of Joss Whedon’s and Eliza Dushku’s new scifi spy series, Dollhouse.

• Why don’t we get Godzilla comics like this over here in the States?

The Day of the Triffids is being remade by the BBC, and the cast looks great.

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