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Daily Scan for 02.12.09 – Storm Back In Wolverine, Braga Decries Enterprise


• Learning a foreign language is never easy, and usually requires complete immersion to make it stick. Regardless, you should really consider enrolling in Klingon night school.

• SF Signal hosts another Mind Meld: “What’s the most difficult part of being a writer?”

• Former Star Trek writer Brannon Braga finally comes clean: The Enterprise finale kinda sucked.

• There’s a pretty good chance a young Aurora Monroe, aka Storm, will make an appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, despite reports her cameo was cut from the film.

• Eric Nylund talks about how to market books to game-playing readers. The trick is to write awesome genre stuff: His Halo novels are so good I find myself shamefully recommending them.

• Squidoo gives us a primer on scifi role playing games, as if anyone who would be interested in reading the primer didn’t already know.

• One of the most bizarre scifi comic book duels of the 1990s: Wolverine vs. Spock.

• A wonderful collection of stills from Robert Heinlein’s article about the movie Destination: Moon.

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