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Daily Scan for 02.10.09 – FX Powers Up, Rorschach’s Mask Gets Animated

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• A lot of interesting groundwork went into animating Rorschach’s diffusively fluid mask for Zack Snyder’s Watchmen.

• This news is so great it just has to be fattening: Marvel superboy Brian Michael Bendis has confirmed that FX is planning a live-action show based on his superpower crime series Powers.

• Ursula K. LeGuin movingly reads from her classic book, A Wizard of Earthsea.

Christianity Today writes about faith and science fiction like it’s the scifi equivalent of Field of Dreams : “We live in an age in which new myths, born mostly of science-fueled imaginations, are crafted and propagated at an unprecedented rate.”

• An incredibly expensive, incredibly cool hand-made transforming robot. But don’t call it a Transformer!

• Greg Brotherton does very Metropolis-like sculptures of robots.

• Check out this grammatical primer to understanding comic book fonts and lettering.

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