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Daily Scan for 02.09.09 – Kim Dishes on Lost‘s Jin, Hatch Dishes on Battlestar‘s Zarek


• If you’re eagerly anticipating the fourth Futurama direct-to-DVD feature, here’s an enthusiastic review.

• The original Apollo Richard Hatch talks about his recently-offed Battlestar Galactica Machiavelli, Tom Zarek.

Lost‘s Daniel Day Kim talks about his character’s exciting if not altogether expected return in a spoilerrific interview.

The Times Online‘s list of twenty sequels better than the original is absolutely insane. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey? Back to the Future Part II? No. A thousand times no.

• The pen is mightier than the sword, especially when you’re using this amazing comic book raygun pen.

A Heath Ledger Joker mask of astonishing horror… for your child to wear when skiing.

• Captain Picard gets the short eyes for Ensign Wesley Crusher. I knew it!

Geeks of Doom wonders what an Alan Moore-approved Watchmen movie would look like.

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