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Daily Scan for 02.20.09 – Wachowskis Fly Off Superman, Downey Gets Multiple Genocides


• What would a Dark Knight game on classic Nintendo have looked like? Probably something like this. The music and flashing cut scene graphics are spot on.

• Breath easy everyone: Slashfilm reports that the rumors of the Wachowskis rebooting Superman are totally false.

• In what has to be a total rip-off of The Next Gen episode “Cause and Effect,” Robert Downey Jr. will star in the Warner Bros. flick The Days Before about a race of aliens who travel back in time to wipe out humanity again, and again…and again.

• io9’s list of the most ridiculous evil twins in science fiction is pretty comprehensive. Of course, Mirror Spock’s evil goatee makes a diabolical appearance.

• These downloadable cars for the racing game Burnout Paradise will look awfully familiar to fans of Ghostbusters and Knight Rider.

• Here’s what the Star Wars theme sounds like when sung in Japanese to a disco beat (translation provided). Space is in trouble.

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