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Web Stalker – All Zombies Should Be Dead Snow Zombies

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Ah, Nazis on film. Deep down inside everybody loves them. Sometimes — OK, almost all of the time — they’re Oscar bait. But in other hands, they become something else entirely. We’ve had surf Nazis. We’ve had slapstick Nazis. We’ve had sexy Nazis. Very soon we will have space Nazis. And, yes — because the undead are everywhere — we’ve had vampire Nazis and, of course, zombie Nazis. The Nazis everybody’s talking about these days? Definitely of the undead variety, thanks to the inclusion of the Norwegian effort Dead Snow in the Sundance Festival‘s midnight program.

“Wait a minute!” you are surely thinking, “They make horror movies in Norway!?” They do now apparently, and they do so with the help of gallons of blood and a director (Tommy Wirkola) whose previous feature was a Kill Bill spoof that featured the sexual mishandling of goats. Word on this one began to circulate early, and why not? Attractive Scandinavian women, Nazis and zombies in one package is enough to put many a horror geek into a frenzy. Heck, horror geeks have been buzzing for YEARS about this Dutch Nazi-zombie movie that hasn’t even been made yet!

Word first surfaced on Dead Snow back in mid-August when the first images were released upon the world. Back then, the initial response was very low key. Though I said myself on Twitch that things were “looking impressive,” the response was less than overwhelming: Two comments — both of them wishing that the aforementioned Dutch Nazi-zombie movie, Worst Case Scenario, had been made ahead of this one, though commenter idotproof67 does acknowledge that the “artwork on this one looks fab.” And then everything went quiet for a while.

But in early December when Sundance announced their lineup — Kaboom! With the Sundance seal of approval in place, Dead Snow has gone on to become one of those movie that crosses genre lines — even film lines — to generate chatter all over. The horror geeks jumped all over it. Commenters at The Vault of Horror declared “You had me at Nazis! Sh-t this looks good, doesn’t it?” (The Igloo Keeper) and “Doesn’t this look awesome? I’m glad they’re going the fun, tongue-in-cheek route.” (Justin B) while Dread Central writer Buz Wallick just about fell out of his seat, barking out “I rarely get this psyched for a movie trailer anymore, but holy sh-t. This movie looks awesome!” Yup. Two horror sites, two instances of naughty language. I could provide more examples, but they just play into the stereotype, really, and why do that when we can do this:

Stepping outside of the horror scene, Hollywood gossip blog The Bad And Ugly, which obviously exists largely to say unpleasant things about people behaving badly, posted it up declaring simply that “There Is Nothing Unlikeable In This Trailer.” The frozen Nazis had managed to thaw the hearts of mean-spirited gossip mongers! The generally serious-minded DVD Talk Forums got in on the action as well, with the trailer sparking a surprisingly lively little conversation topped off by Raul3 speaking for all with a simple “You had me at norwegian nazi zombie.” Over at author Chuck Palahniuk’s website, Scarecrow Jack had a similar reaction, “Nazi… zombies… This fulfills me on so many levels.” Gamers are getting in on the act, too: A conversation on popular game forum Evil Avatar declared, “This looks like pure win!” (Madhatter45) along with multiple assertions of awesomeness, which is apparently the universally accepted gamer term of approval. Thesaurus, boys, thesaurus.

Attention well and truly grabbed by the Sundance announcement, the time had come for the movie to drop its not-so-secret weapon: The first full-on gore sequence, a scene declared by the powers that be at science fiction site io9 (there we go crossing genre lines again) to be the “Best Zombie Nazi Fight Scene In History!” Do the readers agree? Commenter Sithmonkey is so won over that he declares “I WILL see this movie…even if I have to spoon with Dick Cheney, or pirate it from Michael Jackson’s porn server, I will get this movie…”

The lesson we have learned today is that if you want to bring disparate groups together, if you want to put a smile on the face of the professionally cranky and get left wingers to give Dick Cheney a hug, the answer does not lie in education or charitable work or an end to war. No, the key to global harmony is frozen Nazi zombies. Thank you Dead Snow, you’ve made the world a better place.

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