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SciFi Power Ranking – January 26, 2009

For the second week in a row, an actor’s passing has cast a pall on the scifi universe, and we must bid adieu to Bob May. For those who don’t know, May was the man who gave life and animation to Lost in Space‘s robot. Sorry, Will Robinson, I guess you’ll have to fend for yourself from now on. As for other news, Oscar nominations and television shows returning from hiatus led the Rankings this week. But in the battle of television versus film, which emerged victorious?

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie, Show or Comic
1 6 BenjaminButton75.jpg The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
After the Golden Globes, was there really any doubt this was coming? Oscar nominations are out, and Benjamin Button is the clear champion this week with a whopping thirteen of ’em.
2 caprica.jpg Battlestar Galactica
When a show’s return has been as anxiously anticipated as Battlestar‘s, it’s easy for fans to slip into a post-premiere malaise. No such problem here. Ronald D. Moore’s baby is back, and baby it’s huge.
3 2 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
With the legal troubles now behind them, Warner Bros. is pushing the marketing train hard on Zack Snyder’s superhero epic. With new videos, talk of extreme violence, and new art from the co-creator, Watchmen is everywhere.
4 Lost75.jpg Lost
The penultimate season has begun, and the premiere was everything (most) fans had hoped for. J.J. Abrams’ maddeningly mysterious drama is as divisive as ever, but audience interest in it is showing no signs of decline.
5 fringe.jpg Fringe
J.J. is two for two with a strong return for his other network drama. Producers are promising a little more clarity with the plot soon, but as long as the hilarious mad scientist Walter hangs around, I’ll be a happy camper.
6 darkknight.jpg The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight returns to the Ranking thanks to Oscar nominations, with speculation proving correct that Heath Ledger would nab a best supporting actor nod. I feel sorry for the other actors who have to compete against this posthumous shoe-in.
7 HarryPotter75.jpg Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince
The release date for this one has been pushed so far back that I’d kind of forgotten it was coming. But the boy wizard will soon be returning to the big screen, and fans are flocking to the new Japanese trailer.
8 coraline75.jpg Coraline
Neil Gaiman rocks the house in a new trailer for Coraline. Holy crap, this guy has so much on-screen savvy it’s only a matter of time before he’s headlining his own $100 million blockbuster.
9 bigmanjapan75.jpg Big Man Japan
Having seen it, I can say that this movie really is as strange as the trailer implies. But it’s just as fun, too, and people are starting to pick up on that fact. Check it out, and bring along someone you want to confuse.
10 outlander75.jpg Outlander
Don’t feel bad for Outlander being at the bottom of the list — that it made the list at all is a tribute to passionate fans who screamed and yelled and convinced the Weinstein Company to change their direct-to-video plans and put it on screens.
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