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SciFi Power Ranking – January 19, 2009

Scifi fans were dealt two devastating blows this week with the passing of both Patrick McGoohan — the creator and star of what many still consider to be the greatest genre television series ever created — and Ricardo Montalban, whose Khan is one of the most iconic science fiction characters of all time. With such sad news, it would be easy to miss any other stories emerging this week. But I’m here to tell you the world of scifi was a busy one, so much so that the resolution of the Watchmen legal debacle didn’t even grab the top spot on the Rankings. To whom does that honor belong? Find out now.

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SciFi Power Rankings
Rank LW Movie, Show or Comic
1 7 terminator.robot.jpg Terminator Salvation
How did McG’s shiny metal killing machines rise to the top of the heap for the second time? Word that Linda Hamilton is recording narration for the movie helps. But what really got people talking was McG’s comment that his ending ‘might piss people off.’
2 2 Watchmen.jpg Watchmen
The legal battle is over! Warner Bros. is paying up to make the whole distribution rights argument go away, and now there’s nothing left to get in the way of the planned March release. Who wins here? We do. We do.
3 foundation75.jpg Foundation
One of the smartest scifi novels ever written has just been handed to Roland Emmerich, one of the dumbest scifi directors to ever work the moving pictures. What do we have to do to get a good Asimov adaptation?
4 Bebop75.jpg Cowboy Bebop
Keanu Reeves was publicly pitching to play Cowboy Bebop‘s Spike Spiegel just a few weeks ago, and now it’s official: The movie is happening and Reeves will star. The good news is that the director of the original anime is supervising the adaptation.
5 wolverine75.jpg X-Men Origins: Wolverine
The movie could be good, and then again it could be really bad. What’s certain is that Wolverine is getting some major last minute re-shoots. Most fans are taking this as a positive sign that Fox wants the flick to succeed.
6 BenjaminButton75.jpg The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Here’s some good news: Benjamin Button has rolled over the hundred million mark and is a bona-fide blockbuster! A few Oscar nominations could keep this train rolling quite a while longer.
7 MonstersVersusAliens75.jpg Monsters Vs Aliens
The clever monkeys in charge of Dreamworks know they’ve got something good on their hands with Monsters Vs Aliens, and to prove it they’ve been showing big chunks to critics around the country — and the critics are liking what they see.
8 avatar75.jpg Avatar
Memo to James Cameron: Releasing set photos from your huge new movie would no doubt have generated a lot more attention if there were anything actually on the sets. I knew there was a downside to green screen photography.
9 tetsujin75.jpg Tetsujin 28
The guys behind Astroboy want to make Tetsujin 28 so bad they’ve gone and made a trailer to convince people that they should. Giant robot mayhem would’ve turned more heads if the feature was actually in the works, but still, it’s up on the radar.
10 9 dollhouse75x75.jpg Dollhouse
Good news, Joss! Someone cares enough about Dollhouse to post a fake script for it on the Internet! This is an improvement over everyone pronouncing the show dead-before-arrival, but it’s still concerning when fake scripts constitute good news.
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