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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Quarterfinals: Harry Potter (No. 1) vs. Damien (No. 8)

The battle of the schoolboys! Clearly, no one wants either of these kids. Pack ’em up, ship ’em off to boarding school (and/or wacky magic school, and/or military school). So we’ve got the 800-pound gorilla of the supernatural teen world, the billionaire-creating Harry Potter. He’s the big man on campus — is there anyone who can stand up to his power and popularity? Well, how about the son of Satan?

If anyone can give Potter a run for his money, it’s Damien from The Omen II . Spell for spell? Curse for curse? Harry won his first-round battle against River Tam by garnering over 900 votes, while Damien wasn’t far behind as he collected almost 900 en route to a first-round win over the Toxic Avenger.

So it’s schoolboy vs. schoolboy. Harry, are you ready? Damien, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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