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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Regan MacNeil (No. 6) vs. Nancy Thompson (No. 11)

On the surface, this contest seems like an easy win for Regan MacNeil, the possessed little bundle of fun from The Exorcist . After all, what other teenager can stand up to Regan’s spinning head, target vomiting and WWE-voiced soliloquies? Well, how about someone who’s stared down something very similar… and won?

Nancy Thompson from A Nightmare on Elm Street may not go far in this tourney, but she’s ideally suited to the role of the spoiler in this match. Why? Well, she’s fought Freddy Krueger twice, won twice, and Freddy has quite a bit in common with Regan:
– WWE broken-glass-and-gravel voice? They both got it.
– A case of acne that would make any teen guzzle a gallon of Proactiv? They both got it.
– Demonic intentions? Yep!

Nancy has faced down this kind of nasty before. Can she parlay that experience into a first-round win? That, Dear Reader, is up to you. Nancy, are you ready? Regan, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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