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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Damien (No. 8) vs. Toxic Avenger (No. 9)

In one corner, we have a hulking, mutated, disturbed psychopathic vigilante that marks his victims with mops. With an intro like that, normally you wouldn’t even care about what’s in the other corner… unless that other corner holds the son of Satan. Yeah, now you care.

It’s often said that the No. 8 Seed vs. No. 9 seed is the best matchup of any tournament, as it pits two contestants of similar stature. Melvin Ferd, aka the Toxic Avenger, is the classic 98-pound weakling that gets pushed just too damn far, and comes back lean, mean and ready to whip ass. Unfortunately for Melvin, he also comes back green and with a face that makes the Elephant Man look like Brad Pitt. As if his life weren’t complicated enough, Melvin gets a Round 1 dance with Damien from Omen II . This kid has been killing since he was old enough to crawl, whipping around evil so old and thick, it puts the dark side of the Force to shame.

Melvin, are you ready? Damien, are you ready? Let’s get it on!


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