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Greatest Supernatural Teen Tournament – Harry Potter (No. 1) vs. River Tam (No. 16)

Harry Potter is the undisputed King of supernatural teens. With five flicks so far, another in the can and one more in production, he’s a heavyweight box office wizard trapped in the body of a bantamweight. But man, he’s got that wand! He’s got those powers! He can work a flying broom like the witches of old. No question, this teenage four-eyes brings mad game to the supernatural teen genre. His first-round fight against a No. 16 seed should be a walk in the park, right?

Well, if that No. 16 seed is River Tam, maybe not. The girl is a killing machine, capable of mesmerizing entire battlefields with one coquettish glance, then laying waste to all that oppose her. Her one-movie tour de force was Serenity . She’s telepathic, with a Force-like mystical, mysterious presence. She also pushed Buffy Summers to the edge in a near upset of our Master Monster Hunter Tournament in 2008. So if she can push Buffy to the edge, what can she do against the biggest literary sensation in history?

Harry, are you ready? River, are you ready? Let’s get it on! 


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