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Daily Scan for 01.30.09 – Proyas Sets Up Tripods, Rodriguez Hunts Predator


• The final Watchmen poster has been released. It looks good, but I’m not sure audiences are going to get that it’s not a comedy.

• Craziness: An accidentally-destroyed bus may cancel an upcoming Doctor Who episode.

Dark City director Alex Proyas is doing an adaptation of John Christopher’s The Tripods. A-list talent meets A-list trilogy.

• The prequel to The Thing is being produced by Ronald D. Moore and directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. This movie might actually be worth watching.

• Does anyone really want to see a Blade Runner sequel?

Robert Rodriguez will be producing the Predator reboot, which makes me happy. But the reboot will involve a whole gang of predators, which makes me sad.

• io9 spits out some so-called Chart Porn: Create your own episode of Star Trek.

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