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Daily Scan for 01.29.09 – Physicist Explains Lost Time Travel, Astro Boy Launching On Time

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Popular Science asks a theoretical physicist about Lost’s time travel wormholes and exotic matter.

• Martial arts actor Sammo Hung will fight killer simians in the upcoming War Monkeys. Sweet.

• Don’t count Astro Boy out just yet. Because of financial problems, the studio making the flick is shutting down production for a week, but expects to release the movie on schedule.

• If IESB’s script write-up of McG’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea remake is anything to go by, the movie is not going to be at all faithful to Verne’s novel.

• Got a few G-notes to spend? You could pretty much buy up the whole flight deck of the Battlestar Galactica.

• Daniel LuVisi is doing some fantastic concept art for the upcoming zombie holocaust film, World War Z.

• SF Signal’s latest mind meld is on shrewd writing advice from genre writers.

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