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Daily Scan for 01.26.09 – Star Trek Toys Beam Down, Singer Unsure of Logan


• John Lloyd shows off his enormous bookcases stuffed with 25 years of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

• Jason Bradbury has built a robot and written a children’s fiction series about his adventures: “Secret codes, billionaire dot-comers, flying robots…Into this digital mix comes a new kind of hero.”

• Will Bryan Singer still be involved with a Logan’s Run remake? Right now, it’s pretty uncertain.

• The new Star Trek action figures look just as absurd as the Barbie Doll Trekkers. Yeesh. Since when is Spock so ripped?

• DVICE is holding a fantastic contest: Design your own Steampunk Cylon.

• io9 has gotten its mitts on Ronald D. Moore’s legendary Cylon bible.

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