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Daily Scan for 01.23.09 – Moore Discusses Final Cylon, Wheaton Dissects Arnold

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• Ronald D. Moore tells Sci Fi Wire that he didn’t start thinking about Ellen as the final Cylon until halfway through Season 3.

• Celebrity blogger Wil Wheaton dissects Arnold Schwarzenegger’s awesomely awful scifi movies.

• It is viscerally disturbing how much the new Trek actors look like their Barbie Doll replicas.

• Skewed and Reviewed claims Warner Bros. wants to fund a Babylon 5 movie. No way is that going to happen.

• Liev Schrieber talks about the muscle suit the producers of Wolverine wanted him to wear.

• Another awesome viral video from Watchmen‘s New Frontiersman site: Ten Years of Dr. Manhattan.

• The cutest Cylon knitting project ever. She’s no Six, but she’s still adorable.

• Newt Gingrich should return to writing science fiction already.

• Some very funny footage from one of the worst scifi porn movies of all time, Space Nuts. This one is NSFW, natch.

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